Color in my veins…

When the autumn leaves begin to fall, my desire to embody their color
arises. The artists palette which appears while driving into or out of the
city inspires me to pause and paint a still life within my sometimes over
active mind. The landscape calls out for me to create a vivid picture of
what is important in my life and who I am. And I do and for this and more I
am grateful.

I express my gratitude by venturing into the silent scenery using a
combination of contemplation and imagination knowing that I am one figure
(perhaps even a colorful presence of my own) on this living canvas called
our planet. And it is with absolute certainty that I share with you a common
understanding between all of us:

We are here, at this very moment to stand for the truth. The truth of our
essence, of our nature. The truth that connects us, as one, with all of
life. When our minds lapse into memories of what was, we step out of the awe
and wonder of our connectedness and affirm the presence of separation from
the vast world of potential within us. Sometimes we feel used or used up and
sometimes we may even use others. At this point we must press “pause” in
order to hear these words of truth; we are enough because we exist.

This simple truth is that we are “enough because we exist” has so
many applications, opens up endless possibilities and creates the excitement
of discovering within our souls, life anew. We must allow ourselves to go
deeply within to discover our own internal mystery which calls upon all of
us to delight in the divine order of life – most especially by celebrating
the beautiful colors of life within us.


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