When we talk we communicate with our head. When we sing we communicate with our hearts. When we are silent we communicate with our souls. Please enjoy these heartfelt gifts from various amazingly talented individuals.

Jane Winther has an album called Soulbells and Voices that I have enjoyed for many years. She is an artist from Europe that uses healing bowls and vocal intonations to create peaceful, joyful and celebratory music.

This group is called HERE II HERE and the music is fantastic and original. One of my favourite songs is called HOLY. Or you can buy the album, called “HERE II HERE” released June 4, 2009 on iTunes (which I did).

Identical twin vocalists Ryan and Dan Kowarsky form the group RyanDan. They have amazing voices and you can see a video of them here. I bought the album because I love it so much.

This is Tamara Levitt from Toronto and her hope is that her music resonates, invokes emotions, or inspires you. It certainly did me. Here is a direct link to about 10 songs she is sharing with us for free. Thanks Tamara!

Listen to the song: OVERFLOWING by Jack Fowler. He sings on of my favourite songs called “We Come Together”. You can buy and listen to clips of his music here.

The Alan Parsons Project song TIME can be purchased through iTunes or you can buy their latest albums directly from their website.


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