Unimio is a labor of love to remind me that one of my greatest joys is to share things I have learned, a hobby that I enjoy each and every day. I also enjoy being a financial consultant to more than 300 clients. I love helping clients to build and protect their prosperity.

Unimio is a created word. I wanted to combine “unified” with “mine” to indicate my life and love and learning are all unified and so I chose “uni” (english prefix for unified or one) and “mio” (Spanish for my or mine). Since the modifier in Spanish follows the noun it then reads (to me): Mine is Unified. My life, my love, my learning are all unified and that is how I create the life I love to live.

I write mostly so I can refer back to my own philosophy but I also believe in sharing and that is why I created this website. There was a secondary meaning that can be taken from this word as well and I thought to mention it because it supports my philosophy of we are all One. UNIMIO spelled backwards can be read O-I’M-IN-U. In this case O stands for the One and it mirrors perfectly my philosophy that everything is available to us from within not without.

I have a Twitter account which you can follow here although I am an occasional user and I also have a Facebook page for my friends and family.

Bradley McPhee

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  1. November 26, 2009 at 1:19 PM

    Hi Brad,

    I tried to follow you on Twitter however it says your Tweets are protected. 🙂 Hmmm….how does one follow you? I love your energy and your quotes. Haven’t had a chance to read any of your articles however will be doing so shortly!

    Thank you!



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