Life in the face of death…

I had not written anything for a couple of weeks and decided to ask my husband what to write. He gave me the subject and then said: “get to it”. Since my husband’s first language is Spanish and my first language is English I thought maybe I had lost something in translation, but in reality there was no way out. I had a question, asked and answered and so here I am now writing it.

One small saving grace was that I got to repurpose this photo that I bought for New Years without having to wait until next year! Yahoo…score more points for me…smile. The reason this photo seemed perfect is that even this cute little guys lives life in the face of death. We all do. And then actually when I thought about it I discovered that really most of us are not afraid of death itself, in fact I would put it to you that there is much scarier “d” word than death…it is disease.

I simply could not continue to call myself a new thought thinker if I did not translate the word disease into “dis-ease” (or not at ease). The real truth is that for most of us the scariest thing in life is not being at ease. Whether that is a change in our routine or whether it actual manifests in a form like cancer we are not comfortable. So that got me to thinking more about what does all this have to do with “life in the face of death”? Suddenly I had a bright glimpse of the obvious (or BGO as I like to call them), it is really all about living. Living is the common theme and dis-ease is as revealing about our life as being at ease. Each state has an opposite or else we could not know it.

I know that I am going to die. I am not afraid of it. I am not longing for it. I realize it. And the fact I realize it results in a very precious gift. I can appreciate my life that much more because I know that it is a time limited experience. And when I put into perspective my life compared with the age (or life) of the universe then I can really start to live a carefree life. And isn’t that really what we all want? A carefree life? I know it is what I want.

So the next time you are feeling a bit humdrum about your life I would like to make a suggestion. Look death in the face. I think you may discover that instead of cowering in fear you may discover that it just makes life that much easier to live. And an easier life is surely a life you will love to live.



My vision is a world where conflict is communicated and used to stimulate personal freedom and expression for all mankind. My mandate is to reduce conflict using love as my primary tool. My life's work is to learn and then share my learning with others. I am supported by a wonderful loving husband named Pedro, a loving family and many friends. I derive income from helping my clients build and protect their wealth as a financial planner and occasionally from spiritual fitness coaching and speaking engagements. 


  2 comments for “Life in the face of death…

  1. March 4, 2011 at 7:10 PM

    The universe always provides…smile. Love to you as well.

  2. Angelica
    February 17, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    Good one Brad!! I just watched Grey’s Anatomy … the show was about an hour in the ER, and I was thinking how quickly things change … and about how here we are, and then the next moment, we’re not. I felt the chill of fear for a moment, and then thought, oh well – the thing to do is to live now!!
    And then I come to FB and there you are!! Great Mind 🙂
    Love to you, Angelica

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