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When you engage in conversation with your friends, or even with those new to you – and ‘life happens’ is the topic, do you notice a theme running through it? I do. The theme is most often: “How do I get there from here?” Sound familiar? Perhaps it is running loose in your mind too?

What I have come to discover is that the most challenging truth on the spiritual path is: “This is it.” There is nowhere to go. There will never be a more perfect moment to take the ability and desire born with each of us and reveal it here on earth. We just need to choose, not to do more, or do differently, but to be aware, mindful and present with what is.

I recently had an unexpected conversation with a gentleman who posed a very common question. How can I be more efficient in my business and daily life so that I reap the rewards I envision in a monetary way with my talents, and create the ‘quality’ of life I desire? The easy answer is to just go for the feeling of the quality and the rest will flow. But of course the mind needs to know exactly what that means!

Given that being mindful, being present with whatever is before us is a discipline (as we seem to be naturally driven to express and experience beyond what is familiar or commonplace to us), the quality of life can be reaped in every moment by releasing our mental resistance to it. The art and discipline of opening to what is, calls us to practice something that feels very unnatural in a world that models, claims and insists our good comes from outside of us. It calls us to practice: receiving. And often what is before us does not look or feel like the picture we hold as what we want.

You know the saying, Life, Intelligence, the Universe doesn’t always give us what we want, but It always gives us what we need. I will add here, “need to receive.” What we want and desire comes from our objective state of mind. What we need is often hidden in the deep recesses of our subconscious mind, which is the creative medium of Infinite Mind within us.

So, say for instance our objective mind wants to make $10,000 per month, and no matter how hard we strive, work, mastermind, cajole, influence or apply ourselves in both the mental and physical worlds, it just ain’t show’in up! The spiritual Law of Correspondence operating in this specific example is true for any set of circumstances, when our objective mind is neutralized (or over-ridden) by our subconscious (deeper core beliefs). As the Law works the same everywhere, being automatic, mechanical and impersonal, we get what resides at the deepest level of our belief system in subconscious mind until it is changed. We change this through discipline, conviction and faith in an active Infinite Intelligence, that always says “yes” and will do for us exactly and only what It can do through us. And when we have a clear picture of what we want to create, releasing the “how” it is to look or to come to us, be present and in gratitude for it what is, soon our subconscious tendency of thought will align with (or become equivalent to) the desired outcome we say we want (envision in our objective mind).  We will, as Dr. Ernest Holmes once stated: “Think rightly” which in everyday language means, in keeping with the nature of all – as abundance, peace, love, joy, truth, power and beauty.

 So when our outer world doesn’t match our inner world – at least in our perspective, know that at some level it is the exact out picturing of our core belief system. This is good news, for if the energy of thought creates ‘this’ or ‘that’ which is in our immediate experience, than the energy of different thoughts as a ‘new belief system’ will create different condition in our lives.

In the busyness of our daily lives, we find ourselves  appreciating something more when we are removed from it – fasting, then tasting food again; heat when it has been cold; romance after the feelings of abandonment;  freedom from unexpected income after just financially surviving. This is natural in a world of duality. But to create specific new life circumstances, the way in (working on our own consciousness) is always the way out!

Here’s to awakening to our spiritual magnificence and to being present to the blessing we are and our world is – just the way it is!


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  1. September 15, 2010 at 10:36 AM

    I appreciate that you are sharing your wisdom with us. Thanks!

  2. September 15, 2010 at 5:15 AM

    Thanks for the reminders Rev. Nadene!! Great article!

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