The four directions in life

I believe there are 4 directions in life. They are not the typical directions of the compass, they are instead looking forward, looking back, looking without and looking within.

Just as we use a compass to help us navigate our course through our physical world, we can use the 4 directions for navigation through our metaphysical world so let’s take a closer look at each one so we can understand how to read them and use them.

Forward – looking towards our future and how we fit into our own imaginings. Often the most alluring of the directions we choose this direction often for one of two reasons, to escape a present reality or to give detail to our hopes and dreams. Can be useful when creating a new vision of our future.

Back – looking back upon our past and how it contributes to where we are now. Often used when we are feeling sad, lonely or afraid. Can result in static state where we are unlikely to make new choices as we hold ourselves victims of circumstances. Can also be used to escape a present reality. Positively, can be used to recall the lessons of our past to ensure we do not repeat them.

Without – looking outside of ourselves for meaning or purpose in life. Is the most common direction we face living in a material world on a physical plane. It is also the basis for many religions as evidenced by an external view of their deity. Positively, can be used to connect to the physical world as evidenced when we go for nature walks or appreciate a sunset.

Within – accessing divine meaning in our lives from within ourselves, not in an ego sense but in a sense of connecting to everyone and everything from deep within. Some would describe this as the soul’s connection. It is often the most difficult direction to face and yet the most rewarding when we do. Negatively, can be focussed on self only and lead to a self-centered or selfish outlook on life.

Similar to howe we migrate across the physical world using all the directions to move around the various obstacles in the terrain to reach our desired destination, it is also necessary for us to use the four directions of life as we see fit to reach our own true destiny. No instruments other than our intellect and our emotions are required for us to set course to live the life we love.



My vision is a world where conflict is communicated and used to stimulate personal freedom and expression for all mankind. My mandate is to reduce conflict using love as my primary tool. My life's work is to learn and then share my learning with others. I am supported by a wonderful loving husband named Pedro, a loving family and many friends. I derive income from helping my clients build and protect their wealth as a financial planner and occasionally from spiritual fitness coaching and speaking engagements. 


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