This magic moment…

This moment. Not the next one. Not the last one. This moment, right here and now is magic. As it is true for this moment so is it true for all others.

What have I done to create and celebrate magic in my life? This is an interesting question we must ask ourselves if we are to experience our fullest happiness.

I decided the best way for me to discover the magic in my own life was to create an acronym to remind me, so here goes.

M is for mystery
A is for anticipation
G is for giving
I is for imagination
C is for choice

There are many mysteries in life. In fact life itself is probably the biggest mystery of all, just ask any scientist. Yes we know a lot about life but we do not and perhaps will never know the origins of life. And if we do figure it out that will not answer the mystery of self-awareness or the conscious mind. So in order to experience the magic I must discover the mystery.

Anticipation heightens any experience. Waiting and wanting something make the receipt of it that much more pleasurable. Anticipate your next vacation, event, birthday, romantic encounter. Allow yourself to revel in the anticipation of Online Pokies it without slipping into any expectation. Looking forward to something is not predicting it nor expecting it. Anticipation is an art unto itself. I need to be intimate with my ability to anticipate.

Giving is the surest way to getting. It is a straight line. A direct path. When I give magic moments to others I will inherit them in return. It can be fun to plan and introduce magic into an-others life and so I look for opportunities to give magical experiences to others.

Imagination unlocks the mundane and helps us take it to a new level. Imagination can be used as a conversion tool. I can plan a different walk or hike simply by using my imagination and what was routine becomes supreme. I use my imagination in my daily routine to unlock the magic of life.

And finally, and ultimately there is my choice. My life is magical because I choose it to be so, I see it this way, I create it this way and I share it this way.

So if you too are looking for a trip on the magical mystery tour of life then print yourself some tickets and design your route because it is within your grasp as well as it is within mine.



My vision is a world where conflict is communicated and used to stimulate personal freedom and expression for all mankind. My mandate is to reduce conflict using love as my primary tool. My life's work is to learn and then share my learning with others. I am supported by a wonderful loving husband named Pedro, a loving family and many friends. I derive income from helping my clients build and protect their wealth as a financial planner and occasionally from spiritual fitness coaching and speaking engagements. 


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