Lights, camera, action…our life story

Each of us is directing a full length feature film. It is called “my life story” and while the characters may differ, the scenery change and choices be unique, the fact of the matter is we are all writing, scripting, directing, producing and also starring in our own life story.

One thing that always fascinates me is we are also the only audience. It sometimes appears we are watching anothers movie but in reality we are often projecting ourselves into their movie and playing it out. Then of course, in reality, it is our own movie we are again scripting and filming…smile.

Sometimes I do not find it that easy to write the outcomes. Somehow the characters, even my own, seem to take on a life of their own. I forget that I am in control. I start to write other things into my story like the economy, the plight of others, stress or worry about the future. They are not usually clear. They have many twists and turns. I have a problem following them and I am sure it is even more difficult for others to comprehend. And then all of a sudden one day I get what I label my “BGO”. Bright Glimpse of the Obvious. It is a revelation. Clarity descends.

Once clear, like most script writers I am sure, it is much easier to write the story the right way for me. I understand why I am loyal and sometimes maintain relationships that are not reciprocal far past their “best before date”. I am able to appreciate and celebrate unique aspects of myself and write them into the story with love and kindness not judgment or criticism. I am able to tailor the script to my best advantage. I am, after all, the star…smile.

So today make sure that the script you are writing is good. Choose to have yourself as the hero. Create easy solutions to life’s ups and downs. Make your movie something that you would be proud to show your friends and family. You have the ability to do the edits, recast the characters, change the plot and ensure the happy ending. Just do it.



My vision is a world where conflict is communicated and used to stimulate personal freedom and expression for all mankind. My mandate is to reduce conflict using love as my primary tool. My life's work is to learn and then share my learning with others. I am supported by a wonderful loving husband named Pedro, a loving family and many friends. I derive income from helping my clients build and protect their wealth as a financial planner and occasionally from spiritual fitness coaching and speaking engagements. 


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