Spiritual Principle 3 – Centered

A world of choices

Are you in the world, on the world, of the world or perhaps, as this photo suggests, looking at the world from afar?

To be centered is to be consciously aware of oneself in the world at large. Centered in self is not to be confused with self-centered. I can be totally centered in myself but also aware and able to relate to others. Self-centered is fear state wherein the individual is not aware they are part of the world and therefore is isolated and alone and becomes needy and greedy.

How do we know when we are centered. Everything is in perspective. For example. I am not important in the scheme of humanity but I am totally important in my own life and the lives of many others who know and love me. When I am centered I have no fear around this notion. I am at peace with my place in the world.

When I am centered in self I realize that my freedom ends where another’s begins. In other words I realize and accommodate others in the world without any loss to my own sense of individuality. I am able to easily know what I want from moment to moment however I am able to include others wants in my desires without feeling compromised. I am self-aware without being self-important. I am calm and at peace with myself and the world around me.

Here is an excercise that begins with you looking in the mirror and repeating it and then involves you going about your daily living and from time-to-time remembering it and perhaps even repeating it for people, plants and places you encounter.

I am here. I see you. I honour myself. I cherish you. Together we are one.

For some reason I am drawn to say this affirmation by crossing my hands over my heart for “I am here” and “I honour myself”, my hands palm up with arms extended when I say “I see you” and “I cherish you” and finally my arms wide open as if I were about to embrace when I say “together we are one”. The body involvement is not necessary but for me it feels right and so I use it. Do what feels right for you. Not just now but each and every moment. Smile.

Namaste (by which today I mean: the divine spirit within me recognizes and celebrates the divine spirit within you)



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