Spiritual Principle 2 – Conjoin

To conjoin means to unite or be joined together. I realized when I was getting out of the shower this morning that my hand is part of my body. But I also noticed that I was not sure whether my spiritual consciousness extended all the way to the end of my fingers.

When I looked at my hand I saw it. When I started to become more conscious of it I felt like my energy was filling up my hand, no differently than my hand slips into my glove and fills the empty fingers. I was exhilarated.

This lead me to another discovery and pulling together of my intellectual thoughts and my spiritual beliefs. I know, intellectually, that the atoms and molecular structure of my body conjoin with objects I touch. So as I touch my toothbrush it is not totally clear where the toothbrush ends and my hand begins. Now this is even more difficult to tell when I am standing under the shower because water is liquid and the molecules are more spread apart and even more challenging still to know where the air is separate and apart from my lungs. So here is where science and spirituality intersect for me…smile. And it is fun for me and I hope for you to read about and experiment with as well.

Today’s experiment is to better understand how I conjoin with the world around me. There is only one biosphere that humans know of in the cosmos today. It is the Earth. I live in this biosphere with many other forms of life. I choose to extend my consciousness to conjoin with the other forms.

The experiment is this. Touch a plant. If you have one in  your home then great, if not then go outside until you can find a plant to commune with. I am going to turn you into a tree hugger yet…smile. Touch the plant. Look at your hand and say the following out loud:

This plant and I are part of life on earth. We are together. I am part of all life and it is part of me.

The concept is for us to deepen our awareness that we are part of the greater whole. We are part of a miracle called life. It is all around us. We can consciously join with other living things and be aware of our shared life force. To do so connects us more deeply to ourselves and to all other living things. We conjoin with life itself.



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