Time waits for no one…

Astronomers ClockOne of my favourite songs from days of yore is by a group called The Alan Parsons Project and the song is called Time (see the music section if you want a link to iTunes). The lyrics profess that “time is flowing like a river”. Now Einstein taught us that in fact we only experience time at this particular rate because we are on “earth time”. If we leave earth and travel on a spaceship propelled by the solar winds then time would pass at different rates for us. In other words, like rivers, time can appear to flow at different rates in our universe. Now as fascinating as this as to talk about time, how we use it, how it changed with navigation, why it was so important to train schedules and how computers are not possible without precise time clocks, I prefer to bring it down to a more personal level. How do we view time and our personal relationship with it.

In particular I would like to make a case that we stop blaming time all the time. I have often heard people explain they did not have “time” to do something. Somehow “time got in their way”. The “timing was not right for them”. Time apparently got away from them today (Can you blame time? I would want to escape this kind of thinking myself). What strange comments these are to me. We are on a planet that is moving at a regular and well recorded speed of approximately 24 hours for one complete revolution thanks to our moon whose gravitational force slowed us from the previous 8 to 10 hour revolution cycles (or days) which existed before the big event of the moon’s creation (which incidentally took only about one year in earth time to create). This event happened some 3.5 billion years ago and so we have known about the earths revolution cycle for, well…let’s just say a LONG time.

So how on earth could it be that someone did not have “time”. “Where did the time go?” they exclaim. I have had several conversations with Time about this particular behaviour and let me tell you…he is NOT impressed. So I would like to reveal to you what Time has asked me to relay back to humans on earth. He says the following to any of you who may have abused his good nature in the past:

Clearly they mean they did not choose to do it. I mean really. It is simple. I provided 24 hours. You slept, ate, talked, showered and did a myriad of other things for the entire length of it. I did not short change you. I delivered. None went missing. All the 24 hours were present again today. I know this. I count them constantly. Stop blaming Time, people. I mean really. What have I done to you? I have been there for you time and again. Stop pretending I am in involved in your choices. Call a spade a spade (or a shovel a shovel, etc, etc). Tell the truth. I know the truth. They don’t call me Father Time for nothing. The truth is:  in all honesty you did not choose whatever it is the other wanted or needed from you as a priority for yourself.  That is the truth.

So in order to help you implement Time’s sage advice I have a little exercise for you. Practice this and repeat it after me. I did not choose whatever it is you wanted from me as a priority for me today. And then tell the truth whenever you did not choose to spend the time to get something done. Should you have enquires about the truth then read my story on it located elsewhere in this weblog and clarity will either descend or not. Time will tell.



My vision is a world where conflict is communicated and used to stimulate personal freedom and expression for all mankind. My mandate is to reduce conflict using love as my primary tool. My life's work is to learn and then share my learning with others. I am supported by a wonderful loving husband named Pedro, a loving family and many friends. I derive income from helping my clients build and protect their wealth as a financial planner and occasionally from spiritual fitness coaching and speaking engagements. 


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